Charger Owners Are Tired Of Their Door Panels Peeling Off Near the Windows

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A top down view of the panel curving away from the window

The Charger's interior door panels have been warping and peeling away from where they meet the window since the 2014 model year. And while some owners have been able to replace the issue under warranty there's a handful of major problems according to a new class-action lawsuit:

  1. It takes so damn long because there's a national backorder for parts
  2. It doesn't really matter because Dodge is just going to replace your defective panel with a new, but equally defective panel
  3. They're betting you won't wait around to replace the panel because it can interfere with the side airbags from deploying and locks from activating.

The lead plaintiff says Fiat-Chrysler (FCA) is just biding their time until your warranty runs out, leaving owners with drastically reduced resale values and a car that looks like crap.

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There is a door panel defect in certain model years of the 7th generation Charger. The panels warp and pull away from where they meet the window, leaving an unsightly gap that causes more problems than cosmetics. A class-action lawsuit is t

An overhead view where you can see the panel has pulled away from the window in a long curve

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