Halogen Headlight Failure Prompts Charger Recall

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Chrysler is recalling 43,000 Dodge Chargers with failing halogen headlights. A wiring harness can overheat and burn out the low-beam headlights in the 2011-12 model years. That leaves you with two options: drive home in the dark or face the wrath of every oncoming driver by using your high-beams.

Chrysler first learned of this problem in 2011 when some Charger police cars started having low-beam failures, leading to a recall. An investigation of the entire fleet was opened in November 2013 when additional complaints -- from non-Police vehicles -- started pouring in.

The recall is expected to begin this April. Chrysler dealers will replace the headlamp jumper harnesses and bulbs or possibly swap out the entire headlight assemblies.

Concerned owners can contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 and give them recall number P08.

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